Snow-packed hill

On February 11th, right after several days of heavy snowing, we decided to get outta there and see till where we can walk in the snow. Prepared to face everything that the mountain can throw at us we packed our gear for storm, snow, ice, deep snow, verglas, etc. The motto was: "nothing will stop us this time".

Next morning we had a sunny day.

Here's a collection of pictures of that beautiful day where "we didn't conquer the mountain but ourselves" (cheesy ah?)

Covered by the shade we began to walk

Steep trail, and the beggining of deep snow... and the end of the road.

Ok, at least someone else passed through here.

Tree avalanches.

Woops... we took the wrong way, some steep climbing in deep snow, and on the road again.

Feather-like snow fills the landscape.

Secondary summit


Road to the summit



From the summit to the East




From the summit

Great day... great walk... great company.


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